Jorge Martínez Escobar

Geographer and spatial planner

“The reasons why a city prospers have more to do with its human capital than with its physical infrastructure”

 Geographer and spatial planner specialising in territorial dynamics and smart cities. Master in Smart and Sustainable Cities (UCM), and Master in Territorial Dynamics and Development (UCM). I am part of the Khora team since April 2021. 

I was born in Alcorcón. Living in the south of Madrid has given me the vision that allows me to know the existing dependencies of the periphery with the central city and how the real problems of everyday life must have innovative and comprehensive responses, with an interdisciplinary and multiscale view that advocates a truly intelligent management model.  

I am an advocate of territorial models structured on participation, technology and nature-based solutions. I understand the city from the point of view of sustainability, efficiency and equality. Technological advances are important, but the revolution of cities must be based on humanising them. 

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