Pablo Macías Bou

Fouder, CEO, Urban innovation

“For me, the key is to always go a little further.”

Founder. Expert in innovation and urban design. School of Creative Leadeship (THNK) and Executive Master in Public Administration (IE)

After 20 years of experience in an international consulting firm, I went to an innovation school (THNK) and decided to build an urban design company with a more human and sustainable approach (KHORA). Cities must create the physical and human environment in which people develop their most creative abilities to make the planet a better place.

I am from Madrid but I have lived in other cities such as Santiago de Chile, Richmond (USA), La Paz (Bolivia) and Amsterdam. Madrid has taught me that a city’s hospitality facilitates inclusive social integration. Amsterdam, that creativity arises precisely when a city faces complicated obstacles in a complex environment.

I am firmly convinced that a multidimensional approach is needed to address urban challenges and that creativity and design have the capacity to make cities a friendlier place. For me, the key is to always go a little further.

Economist. Executive Master in Public Administration (IE) and School of Creative Leadeship (THNK Amsterdam)

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